Data Modeling

Data Modeling

A Data Model is a relatively simple representation, usually graphical, of more complex real world data structures. The graphical representation of how data connected to each other and how they are processed and stored inside the system. While Data Modeling is the first step in designing a database, it refers to the process of creating a specific data model which is the Conceptual Data Model.

we tackled many more about the Database Modeling Concepts and Technologies. One of the things that I learned in this topic is the process who you need to do first. You need to create entity relationship first, wherein you need to collect entities that share common characteristics that can build relationship to them. Then you need to create the conceptual and logical data model and create cardinalitist. Then the last part is the Normalization in order to reduce redundancy in the system.

the last part that we discussed is the Normalization, it is a formal process for deciding which attributes should be grouped together in a relation and it reduces redundancy that waste storage and capacity. We tackled the Normalization Process from first normal form to fifth normal form. Normalization not just reduces redundancy it also helps the data to be in the proper relation and organised, it will also help the user to manipulate the system well.




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