Self Assessment

  1. Vision/Mission statement is a paradox to new economy.
    The mission statement should guide the actions of the organization, spell out its overall goal, provide a sense of direction, and guide decision-making.
  2. Customer is King” is a paradox to new economy
    customers are looking for products that suit their purpose best – in terms of price, features, quality and appearance. They expect to be treated as “kings” and to receive sales and service support, along with definite solutions to problems from retailers, dealers or channel partners. It is like also as “Customer is always right”.
  3. Cross Functional Teams are effective and represent good form of organizational structure.
    It may include people from finance, marketing, operations, and human resources departments.
  4. Workers are more interested in remuneration than challenging function
    Cross-functional teams often function as self-directed teams responding to broad, but not specific directives. 
  5. Management should discourage informal group of workers in an organization
    informal groups can be a barrier to the development in a company if is not control very well and he can bring some conflict in a structure.
  6. IT leaders should spend more time with colleagues, partners, and customers than with IT staff, and vendors.
    cause is in that way that he learn what problems the face every day and so he can give them better service and help needed on time.
  7. IT leaders should have a voice at the executive table which key business decisions are made.
    today all business run with IT even the lowest as IT so to decide without that fact could be dangerous for the business, and is costly to include that fact on the finance later .
  8. Leaders are more effective if they are more concerned about people than task.
    the human are important and more you support them and make the working environment better more they improve productivity.
  9. Leaders are more effective if they focus their efforts on improving external-facing processes than business functional processes.
    Maybe not because they have to improve both way to have a successful business and should mostly improve the business functional because is the one who give the external all is shine.
  10. Organizations are better off if CIO’s reports to CFO’s
    Mostly false because the CIO have an important work like the CFO and he have to report directly to the CIO.
  11. IT-enabled innovations should be the primordial concern of management.
    its true because it help reducing the cost and time process and that is a fact important in a company.
  12. Organization could careless in understanding business complexities and processes than developing technology innovation and strategy.
    Maybe its false because not all IT professionals are not good all the times.
  13. Organizational initiative successes are dependent on technology.
    For me, not all organizational initiatives are dependent on technology. Technology may assist and be a tool for success, but it’s not a mandatory aspect.
  14. Communications and relationships building skills are more important than technology skills.
    Its true because “hard skills” are technical or administrative procedures related to an organization’s core business.  These skills are typically easy to observe, quantify and measure.
  15. Service level agreements are measures of inter-department performance and should be treated separately with the goals and objectives of the organization.
    NO! because service level agreements is a part of a service contract where the level of service is formally defined.
  16. Measures should be established across organization and to all departments to facilitate organizational effectiveness and productivity.
    Yes, but always focus efforts towards meeting company’s goals.
  17. IT Leaders should focus on technological innovation than delivery of business outcomes through IT Services.
    IT Leaders are managers in their primary role. This means they are not solely technical. Therefore, they need technological innovation that can deliver business outcomes. According to Charles Araujo, another role of the IT Leader is a Business Process Innovator. It is the most challenging yet most important of all. It is the role of the IT leaders to create business process innovation on emerging technologies.
  18. Analytics is one area where CIOs can play a central role
    Yes, because CIO can handle to the team by his/her possition.
  19. In the new economy, IT productivity is not created by reducing the cost of IT per income of revenue, but by increasing revenue per income of IT spending.
    The bigger the income of an IT expect the better and good product can create.
  20. IT Role in an organization is viewed as “cost center” and “obstacle to productivity” than “business partners” and “service providers
    Yes because we need money to create a system, often it becomes an obstacle to productivity its hard to create a system or program.

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